iPhone 5 launch expected on 4th Oct.2011

Apple iPhone 5

So here is the rumors are ending now because Apple announces their iPhone 5 launching date ,expected on October, 4th 2011. We all are waiting for the day and now here is the date,so you all people what you have been thinking  about iPhone 5,how is it looks,home screen , icons, visuals ,apps and lots of more.Its is not wrong if we say our generation are crazy about iPhone or iPhone 5.
Lets take a look from the start the first iPhone also called (iPhone-Original) launched by Former CEO Steve Jobs on June 29, 2007, and iPhone 3g introduced on June 9, 2008,after then iPhone 3GS is launched on June 8, 2009.and finally iPhone 4 on June 7,2010.All of these were released in the same month June,I think perhaps June is the lucky month for Steve Jobs or may be not.I'm just wondering.
But recently Apple CEO Steve Jobs chapter is also closed now.I can surely say that maybe this time people really miss him.But our world is full of Geniuses so hope for better and wish Tim Crook CEO best of luck.


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