Beware of MAC Deffender: Apple says

Apple users is in trouble when a fake software MACDeffender racked users of Apple and users asking for help in Apple forums to remove this program from their Apple computers and notebooks .A software named MACDeffender sad all those Mac users who install it in their Mac pc or laptop and get a peppering screens with pornographic pictures has made many keen to get rid of it.

MACDeffender makers works for it best because the software appears high up in search.The problem appears when Apple Mac Security and MACDeffender looks like same.These programs are called scareware ,many websites offer their users to install such software and make your computer virus clean or fix your pc from all bugs,user install it and run program but before it works program fabricates a list of threats or viruses it has found and ask for cash before it will fix these non-existent problems.
Viruses are very quickly developed and spreading all over the internet and makes you and your machines useless and stuck up,to protect your machines always use a trustable software programm and trying to download and buy by their official website.
We all just hope that Founders of such big name like Apple, Microsoft and many others quickly find a better solution for all these programmers and their Malware softwares.


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